President’s Message

It is my honor and privilege to have been involved with FIRMA since its inception, and to assist in leading the rapid growth of this organization. We started meeting in 2008 with 10 risk professionals and are currently at over 1,000 routine attendees to our events and workshops.

The food industry has unique challenges that require leading edge risk management techniques. Within FIRMA, our participants have chosen to collaborate with respect to innovative best practices; any injury that is prevented is a positive outcome. Although our attendees compete for industry sales, we have chosen not to compete within the umbrella of risk management and the networking and round table discussions that occur at our events are often the most valuable portion to our attendees.

Our slogan “Organized by Risk Professionals for Risk Professionals” is top of mind for our board members as we seek to provide content that is relevant to our support base. Our approach to the content and structure of the events and workshops encourages risk managers to join and attend most of our events at no or minimal cost. Our associate attendees support our events at no cost while our support partners have the opportunity to attend for reasonable fees and sponsorship opportunities. There is tremendous value to our support partners to engage with the high level risk managers that attend our events and I am very thankful for the support from these partners.

The food industry has a significant footprint and our focus is to strategically grow FIRMA’s supporting participant base. Our goal is to ensure that our employees, guests and customers receive industry leading illness and injury prevention solutions while in our establishments and return home safely.

Should you have any questions about FIRMA please reach out to any of our board members listed within our website.

Shaun Jackson
President, FIRMA